Has the modern technology society removed us from nature? And how do we recreate our relationship with nature and change routines that are sustainable.


Titel: 'Peasent girl, getting on with the day's chores’

Black frame with suitable partout 29x38,5 x 3 cm:

Picture (WxH) Frame: cm 50x40

Style: Old danish painting, combined with acylic painted motives.


In Denmark, we produce 668 kg of waste per person per year - we are thus number two in Europe when it comes to waste production! * Worldwide, 32 percent of ALL plastic packaging ends up in nature, and a large part ends up in the sea. In fact, so much so that it equates to a whole truck per minute of plastic waste, equal to 8 million tons a year. ** LØS market wants to do something about it! The store is a direct and concrete player in the green transition, which fights for less waste and less waste of resources. All items are sold in bulk, thus minimizing food waste and waste of disposable packaging.