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Lise Vestergaard incorporates her paintings into a talk about art, life and climate. She does not like powerpoint, because she thinks it takes away the power... Lises aim is to spread good vibes being connected to the audience and generate good enery.

Her format is unformel and in between colour and grain, there is always room for a laugh.


I take the trash

I take the trash (Jeg tager skraldet)

Shortly after Lise Vestergaard becomes a mother, she makes one of the best decisions in her life, namely that she now (herself) wants to take out the trash, no more rubbish one might say. For her artistic work, this meant a focus on art as a sustainable source, and this has led, among other things, to the solo exhibition 'Jeg tager skraldet', where we see a number of artworks with green messages, e.g. trash art, insects folded into dollars and coins. The images were created with inspiration from interviews with Rane Willerslev, Tor Nørretranders, Connie Hedegaard, Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen, Jesper Teilgaard and Henrik Beha Pedersen, who have each given their take on a more sustainable everyday life, and come up with ideas for how we each can help become part of the climate solution. Since 2018, through her art, Lise Vestergaard has contributed DKK 100,000 to green causes such as World's Forests, Climate Tree and Plastic Change. Lise Vestergaard is internationally represented, e.g. Art Fair Paris, Monaco, Marbella, Rome, Venice and with an upcoming invitation for a Solar Exhibition in New York.


Artistic Workshop

How to generate idéas and make art that can support a green cause.

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