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Lise Vestergaard



Artist Statement

Lise uses her art as a global voice to get attention and to call for action around important issues such as sustainability, she also asks the question 'What does it mean to (be) feel rich'? Lise Vestergaard collaborates and are represented by galleries globally.

'If we keep nature as a prisonar we will be the ones to suffer. The best way to predict a sustainable future is to act and handle was is with love and care. Then magic will appear so strong that everything will awakened to life...'

Lise has been rewarded for her artistic focus and got the 'THE FACES OF PEACE ART PRIZE'. The Faces of Peace Art Prize awards distinguished artists whose work significantly contributes to peace and human development and incites changes through their talent and creativity to restore balance to the relationship between humanity and the natural environment.


Her art is represented at Art Fair Paris, Milano, Madrid, Monaco, Marbella, Copenhagen, Venice, Rome, Stockholm, and Vienna and New York to come.

In the resent ‘POWER OF CREATIVITY Art Book 2022 her art is described as: 'Highly creative and most investable. The book gives an insight into the exceptional talents that will most likely shape the art world's future and showcase the artists' distinct voices with outstanding achievements in innovation and creativity.


Since 2018 Lise Vestergaard has trough her artproject, been able to donate kr. 100.000 to green NGOs. Donation that has supported 500 trees to be plantet, 6 fields rainforest to be maintained and donation for the NGO Plastic Change. Today she is ambassadeur for Klimatræ.dk, that means that she donates trees to be plantet everytime artproject er realized or sold.

Lise is open for great ideas and collaborations in this matter. So please don't hesitate if you have a green art idea.


Favorite quotes:

'Stay rich, go with your heart...'

'The playful, sustainable and creative element has the greatest potential..'

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