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As a company it is not enough just to have a strategy, vision or values if it is not sufficiently known to the employees.* Values are first and foremost effective when it is well-established in the culture of the organization. The fact is that the company values must become visible enough to be well known and then qualified to implement in the company culture.


Through briefing or an inspiring workshop together with the management and co-workers a visual map will be made. This map will be the basic impact resulting in a unique company picture.


* 60-80% of all companies fail to implement and reach their strategic goal – Robert Kaplan and David Norton


Company values are transformed into art or visuals e.g. decoration or what visually makes sense for the individual company. We know from experience that visual communication and physical environment make a noticeable difference in behaviour and development. And it’s a fact that humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.


By making it visually evident it creates an openness and focus on the vision and values of the company. This intensifies the engagement and fellowship. The company picture ought to hang in a central place in the company so it is visually evident to all and can create a dialogue.

'The process of making strategy and values ​​visible to the team and for customers was a new approach we had not met before. To end up with a large piece of art in our meeting room, which all employees feel connected to and a part of, we saw as a huge advantage. The outcome and value of the course will continue for many years'

- Signe Winther, Adm. Director of Virbac

'Of course, we also try in every other way to visualize our strategy in everyday life, but having a physical product that you can refer to helps to nudge a behavior. It is a physical reminder that symbolizes our strategy and the things we work with '

- Lise Agerley, Communications Director, ALKA

'The whole process of making personal paintings to the company has been a great journey, where Lise has inspired and challenged us owners all the way to get the best results. We have used Lise to stand for all paintings and art decoration painted directly on the walls. The end result is not only good but nothing less than 'Outstanding' and speaks for itself '

- Martin Schrøder, Director / Partner, Compaya

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