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Born to be wild (No._3_2024)

'Born to be wild'. We are born to live our true nature, unaffected by social interests and economic influences. We are obliged to contribute by living ones true nature in harmoni with nature.
This is a piece of origami, one folded 5 dollar bill and a stuffed butterfly. This pieces comes with (foiled) broken glas, broken because of the great butterfly escape...


This pieces is an exhibition piece for the 'Be more. Use less' exhibition.


Titel: Born to be wild (No._3_2024)
Money Art: Origami moneybill and stuffed butterfly

Unique piece
Year: 2024
Size: 20x20 cm

(By buying this piece you support klimatræ.dk)

Born to be wild (No._3_2024)

  • Original artpiece

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