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'Nature's way' mural made september 2020 at Løkken, Denmark.

When pranks can be forgiven
'What nature' asked the boy? 'The one behind the wall' replied the other. 'Yes, it would be the greatest gift to see that nature - and a freedom just to play in the green grass and look up at in the blue - watching the clouds passing by. Yes, I just wish for that...' It was easy accept when Jonna Liv, chairman of Løkken's Culture House, asked if I wanted make a mural in Løkken. And an incredibly 30 years beautiful Ivy on the wall where a great 'prop' and a gift to integrate into the work. A big thanks to Jonna Liv Jensen for her efforts and for take action on the project. A huge thanks to all sponsors, Kulturministeriet, Kulturhus Løkken, Jackie Retail, Hjørring Stilladsudlejning A / S, Hotel Løkken Strand, and Vandregruppen 9480, who made this possible. The mural ‘Nature’s way’ - because it is our way... Anno: 2020, Løkken - Denmark. BY Lise Vestergaard
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