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Decide your happiness - create today

Are you happy or are you busy being happy?

It is very rare that we are totally satisfied with life. We always want more and we live our lives upon what is there to come. In fact that is a very common state of mind in the western culture - because that is the way we were broght up. As kids we were often asked, 'so what do you want to be when you grow up'? From a very young age we had to consider the future. Instead why not ask 'so what do you love to do...' and letting things grow from the present.

So - are you happy or are you busy being happy?

Happiness is pretty much what you make it! Think about it this way, 'you will never be happier than you are today no matter if all your dreams had come true'.

So step back a bit - see what is there to appreciate today and remember that the only thing which is available for you - is the present moment.

Create today!

Lise Vestergaard Artist, speaker and creator

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